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Citadel Online has changed to a new engine. The Multiverse engine

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The Multiverse engine is a engine made special for MMO's(Just like realm crafter)
Bud there are a few things what makes this engine better...

  • The engine is compatible with SpeedTree. Speed tree is used in games like The Elder Scrolls 4. you can make gigantic forests without any lag.
  • Tree's and grass are also animated now thanks to SpeedTree.
  • Much better animations.
  • Emotes. You can do Emotes like: Bow, Wave or Cry
  • No Portals. The Terrain generator makes huge worlds were you can make zones in zones there will not be portals.
  • Support for almost every model. Now we can import much more models.
I will upload some new screens as fast as i can.

I started looking for a other engine when Realm Crafter crashed for second time and all my work from Citadel Online was lost.

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