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Space warriors has new enemy ships created by bleyash2- minkimaddness artist

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We just created a new ship and this one unlike the previous ship can shoot. we are close to reaching the first boss battle that means soon we can start on some platform levels.
if you visit our gallery you can see an image of the new ship Here: Indiedb.com

So here is the story so far
Chapter 1:
You are an intergalactic space cop that protects a planet but you are chosen to become a Space Warrior, Space Warriors are higher ranked than cops that have served one master for generations to protect several areas of the universe. Since you were a great fighter you were chosen to join. you shortly land on a planet were you do a few tests and succeed to become a true Space Warrior.

Chapter 2:
After completing the tasks you are sent off into space to battle more space minions and blow as many ships as you can. There you battle Kantha's General (Kantha is the main enemy(were not going to reveal too much about him yet you can wait till the game release day)) and capture him to lock him up in a cell. You land on another planet where you got some more battling to do to help some Aliens.

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