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as promised a vehicle feature has been added to the game, check out the new driving gameplay!!!.

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i talked about adding a vehicle feature to the game,since the terrain is supposed to be extremely big (we are planning 255 sq km), you will need a fast way of reaching different locations. Now its finally taking shape, the basic vehicle script is done and the player can get in and out. we will post a video in about 10 mins of the driving gameplay. However realism is still not there, so i will have to work on the vehicle┬┤s physics a little bit more. Next thing im planning to to work on is a co op feature, allowing teams of 2 to 5 people survive in this ravaged Alaska, if one player dies he cannot re spawn or re join the server, i believe that will be an interesting addition to the game. please leave any great idea you have in the comments. FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS GOOD!!

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