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CrazyBricks has gone under some redesigning. Click here to read what has been changed.

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CrazyBricks has gone under some redesigning, here is the full changelist from what has been changed from CrazyBricks 3D.


  • CrazyBricks 3D is now known by: CrazyBricks.
  • Player gets more points by breaking bricks, points player gets from one brick is multiplied with ball speed.
  • Perspective projection removed, orthographic is the only projection available from now on.
  • Mouse movement is now only way to control paddle. This gives more accurate movement.
  • Game area is larger. So that means we can include more bricks per level.
  • No skill minigames. These can be added on a update later though.
  • New graphical style to fit retro 2D style.
  • CrazyBricks will be available to Android phones too on a later announced date.

To say it simple: We did the whole base for CrazyBricks again. It's now more professionally coded together and with much more optimization so it's alot smoother and alot more funnier to play. Coding the whole base again was mostly because at first CrazyBricks wasnt supposed to be anything else than a teaching project for my friend, so things weren't coded the best possible way, but the idea kept growing and growing, so I decided to release it as a full game.

We will be trying to get CrazyBricks released as soon as possbile.

Broken Signal Entertainment.

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