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Demo 0.2 is now released! More info and download link below.

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In this demo, you can experience the beginning of the game, and explore a number of islands. No treasure to be found yet, but you can still buy supplies using large chests of gold found on Paegonia and Henford. The controls should be easy to figure out, but here they are explained anyway.

Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Gun
X - Interact
Enter - Pause
R - Restart Whole Game
P - Screenshot

Feel free to ask questions or give any bug reports. Oh, and I only have one known bug right now. Sometimes the game has a little bit of slow down on Henford island. It's never actually happened to me, but I've seen it on my own computer while someone else was playing, and a friend reported it on his computer. I do not know how to replicate it.

And yes, that is Wind Waker music as a test theme.

Download link: Indiedb.com

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