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Finally it is here. Took me a lot of time to finish it, but here it is.

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1.1 Released!

Even if you have played the first demo, I do strongly recommend you to play this one aswell.

Some of the biggest changes include:

-> Voice acting added - not too much, but as a flash of the future -> Lots and lots of rework with both design and lighting -> Redesigned both of the library and basement puzzles -> Overall a lot of upgrades from the previous version -> New item: Small Oil Potion. It will refill 1/10 flat of your lantern. While it's not the most largest of a supply, they will be quite common and they will add an interesting median between Tinderbox and a regular oil potion. They are good to rack up and use when needed.

Feedback is appreciated and welcome!

I will write a seventh development diary soon. Enjoy!


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