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The Amazing Fantastics go head-to-head against the Caprelli crime family in this brand new demo.

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The Most Complete TAF Experience Yet

The Amazing Fantastics Caprelli Demo features more playable heroes, more polished mechanics, and more features than have been seen from the superhero saga yet. From the introduction of Gunslinger and Hellfire as playable characters to the inclusion of deadly dungeon traps and voice acting, the Caprelli Demo offers a more complete glimpse into the Amazing Fantastics universe than ever before.

What's New

  • Although they were revealed a very long time ago, Hellfire and Gunslinger are playable for the very first time. Gunslinger is sturdy, fast, can drain his enemies' blood to restore his health, and his trusted shotgun comes with different types of ammo useful for dealing with many enemy types. Hellfire isn't as quick and durable as her vampire counterpart, but her fiery moveset can burn enemies to a crisp.
  • Vipera's been revamped. Formerly a straight-up attacker, Vipera has access to and relies heavily on items, such as grenades, first aid kits, and molotov cocktails that other heroes are unable to use. She is also able to craft and steal items from enemies, two abilities that very few heroes in The Amazing Fantastics have.
  • New to The Amazing Fantastics are traps. Sentries, spike floors, proximity mines, and more mean that you've got to stay on your toes while exploring dungeons.

New Artwork


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