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New version of the demo is finally available! Updated graphics, U.I. laser effects sounds etc.

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This is main developer Tryggvi Hákonarson, bringing you some news on Ceres.
New version of Demo Available! and official website: Ceresthegame.com

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We've been quite busy of late improving the controls, graphics and the GUI of the game.
The GUI has had a big make over and should hopefully be understandable now.
Ship data is now more compact and all ships have now quick order options for attacking, drones orders etc.

Rotation feature
The GUI has a added rotation feature. It has currently replaced the original ship rotation. This new rotation allows for rotation along the z axis. That means you can fly your ship upside down. It intention is to roll your ship to turn either cannons or your damage side away from your enemy.
Or just for some fun flying.

Busy bees we‘ve been.
Of late we‘ve been working on improving the user interface of the game. Its a bit of a challenge for a game like this, but I believe we have made some headway. The drone control has been updated, now when you press a drone related button, gather loot or attack, only one drone is sent out instead of all of the same type. This allows for queuing different types of drone to attack a ship. Quite nice.The ship armor values have been replaced with a icon. The Captains image has been reduced in size, freeing up a lot of space on the screen
New buttons have been added and other minor details. We‘ve added a new skybox to the game. Its view-able in the tutorial section. A nice view of New Mars.Also a 30 FPS limit on the game has been fixed the game can now run at 60FPS Crew can now be hired and trained at stations. This is a nice addition. Each ship now has a crew minimum need which if not fullfilled will affect the ships performance. A well trained crew will give bonuses to your ships.The ships crew can be killed or harmed if your ship takes heavy structural damage, but advanced bridge module can reduce that damage.
Laser effects and sounds have been improved. Now lasers are much brighter and have a variety of sound effects. Some error have crept in there, but they are cosmetic, and not so easily spotted.
Game change.
Your ships now don't automatically turn their noses towards their assigned targets when you issue an attack. There is a option for attack and follow when using the GUI attack options.

Solar System.

Solar System

We've added a new beginning to the game. Now the game starts with a overview of the solar system. This gives the player a better view of the devastated solar system. Currently this a bit plain and no real options are given here. You can only just fly to the first mission. This is the first version of the solar system and it is bound to get improvements.

Bigger ending.
We've added a rather big battle into the ending of the first mission.
Its a bit chaotic and unpredictable, (We are working on the A.I.) but it should provide with some hectic and fun play.

Please note that the save game feature probably doesn't work... Its a work in progress.

BarecGesh - - 51 comments

keep up the good work

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Vaktezraj - - 190 comments

Awesome work! This is bloody fantastic, sirs.

In the previous version, I would like to note that the asteroid tugs have a bit of an issue where they sometimes try to travel through the trade station, and then any ships I buy don't appear because none of them had room to be spawned.

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tryggvienator Author
tryggvienator - - 76 comments

Thanks for the info.
We've fixed the issues you mentioned. :)

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pavlosG - - 9 comments

thanks Vaktezraj !

The issue is solved: instead of reaching the space station, the heavy asteroid haulers evade the pirate attacks by colliding one with another <sigh>.

In space, nobody can see you drink (or drive)...

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