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Post news RSS New Content Update! (Update: 2/23/16)

Short version: More content has been added as well as a new trailer.

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Update 2/23/16:

Hello! I have been quite busy lately so let's just get right into the news!

First off, I would like to say that a NEW update is now available, featuring new content!

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I have added hundreds of openable chests throughout the story you'll need to open, to gather resources. And with those resources, you can craft important items you will need to survive. I have also added a level-up system. Basically you are able to level up each mode, which when you reach the max level, you will be able to switch to the mode immediately! I have also removed all health stations because you will need to craft your own health packs. I also added abilities that you can use for emergencies!

Malfunction V-6.0 (New Content!)

Second, I have made the final trailer for malfunction! Give it a look! As you can see, it features the crafting and level up system, as well as some new cutscenes :)

I am going to have some more exciting news coming soon, so stay tuned, and enjoy the latest update!

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