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An update on Cross Reverie's development includes character reveals, transformations, steam greenlight and the ongoing Kickstarter.

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What is up guys? Today we'll be looking into some of the things we've accomplished over the past weeks including the reveal of the last 2 members of the cast, transformation concepts, getting greenlit and the ongoing Kickstarter.

Production Update

Production is always ongoing and we’re currently working on the remaining members of the main cast. This should be quite the milestone when we finish this month, following which we will get to start on the essentials for the Trial of Nightmare. Our current plan is to focus on the assets for the Veronis arc which would allow us to start assembling the levels for that path and get an early alpha out asap to start the rigourous rounds of testing. Also we'll be trying to include Shiro in the upcoming pre-Alpha video(aka Prototype v3).




We were recently asked about transformations in Cross Reverie, and this is the perfect opportunity to showcase what we had in store. It’s as ambitious as it gets with having to redo the whole cast with new models, animations, etc and here’s some of the concepts we were tinkering on. Regarding the actual mechanic, the transformations(when unlocked and conditions are met) consume all TP & SP in exchange of a more powerful skillset and solo combination possibilities for a limited number of turns. With all of the concepts done for the main members and some more, the potential for transformations is always on the horizon even after the game's release.



We did it! Cross Reverie has been greenlit in under a week and now has a home on Steam. We’re proud to join the ranks of the few hard working indies making JRPGs happen in the PC market. Thanks again everyone!


Phantom Weapon Skin

We passed the 55% mark on Kickstarter and also now have an exclusive weapon skins for backers, talk about conquering the nightmare in style! We also redid stretch goals based on feedback and demand for console ports.


Last few weeks have been some of the busiest with all the campaigns going on and we've learnt a lot as well met some mighty cool people. There's still a very long road ahead but it's all about the journey of turning the dream into reality. Until next time guys, Destructor out.

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