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Short videos highlighting some of the uses and abilities of each of the characters currently available in Archmage

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Hey Guys!,

Check out our new videos showing the overview of our playable characters. All comments and critiques welcome.

Lisanna - Bloodwitch:

Lisanna's village was slaughtered on the grounds of their holy shrine by a group of bandits posing as travelers. The rage and horror of witnessing her family’s death changed her, burning out the holy magic she had been taught and replacing it with something dark and unnatural. Driven by a need to avenge her family, Lisanna rose from the slaughter as a Blood Witch, fueled by the sacrifice of her entire clan.

The Blood Witch uses a combination of area of effect and missile spells, focusing on damage dealing with life steal abilities.

Evelyn - Druidess

Evelyn was born in a dark, enchanted forest. One of the elder spirits of the forest saw Evelyn’s mother in labour and so helped to bring the young Druidess into the world. The bond forged by such a profound moment touched the spirit deeply and it stole Evelyn away from her mother. Upon discovering the true circumstances of her birth Evelyn left the enchanted forest determined to champion a greater cause than that of the elder spirit.

The Druidess employs spells affecting healing and movement and has abilities to immobilise players.

Quill - Sorcerer

As a baby, Quill was left on the doorstep of a school of magic where he was adopted by the Headmaster. Though his naturally inquisitive mind found the twists and turns of trickery entertaining, it was his affinity for magic, combined with his desire to prove his worth, led Quill to the arcane tournament. He will make his mentors proud, and his birth family regret ever leaving him out in the cold. He will not settle for less than becoming the Archmage.

The Sorcerer employs spells that control the opponent by silencing, confusing or switching players locations.

Nero - Electromancer

Nero is the grandson of the late Archmage Kyna. The power to call lightning skipped a generation in his father, resulting in Nero having an enhanced affinity for the magical arts. The budding Electromancer excelled under his grandfather’s experienced tutelage. Despite his expectations of being named Archmage after the passing of his grandfather, a trial by tournament is called and Nero grudgingly accepts the challenge.

The Electromancer prefers close range combat, employing spells to draw players near or immobilise them.

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