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Latest male and female character designs, plus new world races!

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Otto's currently re-designing our human character models. Here are the new face and body designs:

We've also started work on additional new world races to inhabit the huge and diverse planned biomes of Kenshi. This should kinda explain the mysterious 'Human' button in the character customization menu. Introducing Bone People!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think! And have a happy new year from all of us at Lo-Fi ;)


I hope these guys use bio weapons specifically grown from bone, same with their structures all bio-like total twist on the game as it stands if so, instead of 200 metal etc, to make a building you need 200 meat sacks and 50 bones... 'flesh huts' or tool workshop 'bone garden' basically a pit, to grow and use plants/creatures(bone)/fungus to turn into weapons. 'bio-katana' upgrade > X animal 'bone katana'

could have something like that for their resorces or make some biomes really hard to grow X thing in if you dont have correct reserch as them? (fungus in desert) so you research 'underground cavens' ?

Also maybe if humans (most factions) are totally hostile (or refuse trade of city entery) to them that would would be cool.

maybe canibals/ some cultists could worship them? or reavers/pirates could operate out of their zones of controls?

anyway, I will never regret buying this when basically every action of the game was bugged XD

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Koomatzu Author


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Cool concepts, I like the style ^_^ !!!

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There's a distinct disadvantage to having long protrusions coming off of your head, typically, this is applied to helmet design, but in this case it'd still be an issue. One could hypothetically grab the end of one of those protrusions and have an easier time of snapping their neck, granted, the attacker would need to move more, but that gives them a major weakness if attacked from behind.

That being said, length of their... spurs? Could indicate combat prowess as a form of combat boast, better warriors wouldn't need to trim them so short, or they could be used to indicate status in some form of social hierarchy.

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How can it be I am imagining a Bonefolk man as a full-blown ronin samurai with straw hat being challenged by a large group of human scum and totally owning them?

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I'm really eager to play this game when the map overhaul update comes out, keep up the good work guys:)

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