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New build, including an amazing new bug reporting system!

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Friends! A new build has been released today, and what a glorious build it is. Here, have a changelog. No no, I insist.

Unstuck all the menu buttons
Made saved games load properly
Fixed bug where player would sometimes lose glove when dying

New area! You can now progress beyond Fernus and get a new ability!
All areas before the tower have gotten massive FPS improvements,
and a graphics overhaul
Added proper intro scene
Added special in-game menu
Added several sounds
Added some visual cues for puzzles
Soldiers are now faster than a loaf of bread, and marginally smarter
Tightened up the graphics on level 4
Reduced input lag
Removed the standard Unity config window, added to options menu in-game
Grue-beast now reacts to player, is scary
Added in-game bug reporting, press F7 to pause and report

The most important feature of the new build is of course the bug reporting system. Our goal was to make this system as simple and unobtrusive as possible so as to not detract from your gameplay experience, and we think we have succeeded. Let's break it down.

You have encountered a bug! Noes!

Take a deep breath! We're sorry. But have no fear! Pressing F7 will bring up the bug reporting interface. The game will pause when the the interface is active, so don't worry about getting to a safe place in order to bug report.

Categorise that bug!
There are seven categories to choose from. They are pretty self-explanatory, and if you're unsure what category you should choose, it isn't a big deal if you choose the 'wrong' one. Pick the one that makes the most sense to you. But, there is one category called 'critical'. Any bug that is completely gamebreaking and utterly halts game progress, should always be categorised as 'critical', no matter the type.

Tell us about your feelings
There's a big ol' description field for you to fill out. What we're looking for in this field is exactly what happened and what you were doing when the bug occurred. The more detail you're able to give, the better!

Your name here
There's a field where you can fill out your name, or your email address if you for any reason need us to respond to your report. You can also leave this field blank, if you wish.

Push da button
Hit 'submit'! That's it, you're done! Bringing up the bug reporting interface will also automatically take a screenshot, which it will send along with the bug report. This entire process takes place within the game, and when you're done, you'll pick up right back where you left off.

As a thanks in advance for your awesome bug reporting, here is a Teslagrad wallpaper for all you fine folks to use.

In addition, if you're a Unity user and you hate all the time you waste on placing textures, check out Autotile, coming to you directly from the Rain offices. Autotile is a texture deployment plugin for use with Unity, and it will streamline the process of placing textures immensely. You can find all the documentations and tutorials here.



Nice article that make me impatient to buy the game.
Just one little question: are you gonna recruit some news beta-testers to track the bugs.


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