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This build adds improved animations, improved dungeon tiles and better monster AI, among other things.

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Fury 0.9.12 Patch Notes

Posted another build of our roguelike dungeon crawl, The Fury Academy for Dungeoneering. We'd still love to have some new folks help us with playtesting. More information can be found here.


  • New dungeon tile graphics have been introduced.
  • A new off-hand item has been introduced
  • The on-screen character now properly reflects the equipment that has been equipped (the character sheet graphics have not yet been updated and still show the old character images).
  • Monsters now use pathfinding to try to get to the Hero if they are aggressive, and have a limited memory for when they last saw the hero and will continue to pursue the hero in the direction they were last seen for a short time before they get bored. This lays the foundation for different types of monsters that will pursue the player more aggressively in the future.
  • A small version of the "suit" is on the cards now, instead of text with the name of the suit.
  • Keyboard based attack (web version) have been improved, you can now use the arrow keys to make a ranged attack as long as a valid target is in the direction pressed.
  • Monster distribution has been improved so that monsters "near" the player start location (as the crow flies), but far (as you crawl through the dungeon) are properly leveled. Placement is now based on pathfinding distance and should be more even.
  • Improved the movement animation
  • Vampire cows are a little more dangerous. I'll leave it to you folks to discover the exact nature of the danger :)
  • Loading of saved games and generation of new games is faster and the loading animation should play smoothly now; there used to be a large framerate drop at a certain point toward the end of loading.
  • When zombie chickens are beheaded, the beheaded version keeps all of the status effects on the original chicken.
  • Lightning animation has been improved.


  • Chilled status (from crystal cards) now properly applies on the first turn
  • A monster's hate list is now properly saved with the dungeon
  • If the hero was at the bottom of the screen, there were times when the coin animation would play behind them
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