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I've just finished uploading new beta build 0.979b and demo build 0.979d, which include revisions to the hacking system, as well as several bug fixes.

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Updates Included in Both the Demo and Beta

Both the new demo and beta include the following changes:

  • Added code to prefer encounter responses with more charge requirements before lesser requirements.
  • Fixed a bug in encounters that would ignore certain branches in probability-based outcomes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hoodie pocket to disappear when dragging items.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed backpacks to fit inside backpacks.
  • Fixed a null pointer bug that occurred when discharging an item that had too few charges left.

Several of these fixes address the container issues we've been seeing, which were introduced in 0.977 and 0.978. Containers should be back to normal now, and the discharge item fix should improve stability when such items are being used.

Additionally, the demo includes all fixes in 0.978, since the last demo uploaded was only version 0.977. This should include fixes for the way encounters queue, and prevent weird interruptions there, among other fixes.

Updates Included in Beta

The new beta includes the following additional changes:

  • Added encounter options to alert player to insufficient charge for hacking.
  • Added hacking encounter branches to explain insufficient charge in target devices.
  • Changed cracking software charge usage to smaller amount per attempt.
  • Changed chances of cracking each device type to be higher.
  • Changed price of hacking software to be higher.
  • Changed laptops to be hackable via the hacking skill alone.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hatter's security screens quest to always fail.
  • Fixed a bug that caused savegame loading status message to be hidden.
  • Fixed a bug in savegame loading that sometimes caused a crash.
  • Fixed a bug in Haggerty Health thermo treatment.
  • Fixed a bug in Haggerty Health diagnostics.
  • Fixed a bug in Zom Zom's that failed to remove iSlab when used as payment.
  • Fixed a bug that caused software to always be visible inside locked/off hardware when loading a save game.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed smartphone hacking without electricity.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed hacking with software stored on memory sticks.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed hacking without using any laptop charge (via memory sticks).
  • Fixed a bug that caused first mouseclick to be ignored after starting a hacking encounter.
  • Fixed a bug that caused SmartPhone GPS not to discharge battery.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed laptop to open in spaces where it shouldn't fit.

Most of these changes are to the hacking system, to make it both easier to use and less buggy. Laptops are now hackable via skill alone, instead of requiring special software. Additionally, hacking devices should use less energy now, and have a higher success rate.

There were also quite a few encounter fixes. Some were introduced when the new hacking code went in, while others have been more long-standing, and I finally noticed/fixed them (e.g. Haggerty Health).

Overall, the game should be much more well-behaved than in the past two builds. As usual, let me know on the forums if there are any more issues using the new builds.

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