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Post news RSS New Asteria Build! 0.9.0. New weapon behavior and limited lives in dungeons

A new build of Asteria is available! Just run the game and it will auto update to the latest build. In the past 11 days since the last build we've checked in 95 improvements.

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A new build of Asteria is available! Just run the game and it will auto update to the latest build.

Here is a link to this announcement on our forum:

In the past 11 days since the last build we've checked in 95 improvements.

One of the major changes to the game are a new limited lives system for dungeons. You now only get 5 lives to defeat the boss of the first dungeon or you get kicked back out to the overworld and have to start over.

Also we changed the way most of the weapons work. They are now manual fire and we've added a special charged attack to the main blasters which makes the combat much more satisfying. Be careful not to overcharge them too much or a slight explosion may occur.

We moved most of the creature spawning underground and have limited the spawning of creatures above ground to only happen at night. This will give everyone plenty of time to build and craft to their hearts desire while keeping the action fierce below ground.

There's been great improvements to the sound and graphics as well. Nearly all of the gear has graphics now. Many new enemy graphics have landed as well.

We've reached a huge milestone in that the core game engine is complete and free of all known bugs. The team is now focused entirely on finishing the game content.

Change Log:
Added IsManualFire flag to make fighting more satisfying.
Added a workbench by the first dungeon entrance to give the player a clue about needing better equipment for the first dungeon.
Turned off spawning of enemies during the day in the overworld when above ground.
Disabled enemy knockback in theory.
Exit modal when player is hit.
Limited Valee spawn rate.
Added the hold cntrl(left or right) click on Action bar, equipment bar and inventory to quickly put into the closest slot of the inventory or action bar.
Updated Start.Map
Removed keys slot.
Fixed Control-Click to equip.
Added tooltip note about control-click option.
Moved tooltips more so they don't go off screen so much.
Fixed recipies not showing how much they make.
Fixed chest dragging to swap items.
Brunen and Ground Trooper logic.
Fixed enemy knockback by adding KnockbackResistance.
Finished a lot of icons, and I mean a lot. Disruptors, missiles, suit, helmets, and various other icons.
Tweaked Crawlers Health to 11
Tweaked Krawnix, now spawns fewer crawlers and has more Health.
Tweaked Ground Trooper, now is tougher.
Reduced blaster CooldownCheck to 0.
Added blinking of enemies when they are hit.
Fixed mouse cursor rendering lag.
Rename plugin main class to global to avoid confusion.
Fixed escape taking you back thru delete menus.
Fixed IsHit flag for multiplayer.
Fixed SliderMenuItem width.
Fixed distance to move bug
Added new /give Command
Fixed /kit command crash
Fixed mining drone health countdown.
Only blink twice for enemy hits.
Turn down calculateStats calls to fix bug when healing in multiplayer.
Fixed anyone editing signs.
Added owner to network protocol so that you can see who owns something in multiplayer and sign editing works correctly.
Added CanEdit method to ItemType to control editing.
Montra Ray animation less fubar
Deleted old Montra Ray pics
Fixed bullets shooting through close wall problem by adding an initial collision check from elbow to gun tip when firing.
Fixed a bug with Projectile collision checks that were doing way too much work. 100x speedup on particle collision check code because of that.
Also Projectiles that are effected by gravity should work a lot better now.
Added minimum mining tool to /stuck
Attach saved waypoint to specific world file.
Fixed server getting into a bad state when a player disconnects on a ResetOnLeave level.
Fixed InitialSpawnCheck failures.
Fixed geyser explosion sounds.
Fixed the audio playing bug where instances were getting collected by the GC before they were finished playing.
Switching to a different audio API also object allocations.
Most of the icons and placeables done.
Fixed: Holding left click can place a ton of light orbs in the same spot.
Fixed: Placing while dematerializer is selected would dematerialize placeable on the same click.
Turned up the lights at night.
Blasters now can be charged for extra power and range, just don't over charge them too much!
Fixed save and quit while under dying on a reset on die level bug.
Fixed Save while moving audio bug.
Fixed door sizes.
Fixed add player thread crash.
Fixed "Multiplayer name gets set to Player Name" by serializing the outgoing packets immediately.
Randomized animation so they aren't in sync.
Fixed cliff detection on wide enemies.
Added ability to make an enemy bounding box different than the render sprite.
Added EnemyType.RenderOffset Set bounding boxes for Krawnix and Leaper.
"Fixed" hive spawning on overworld.
Brennen is less lame. Now shoots multiple lasers and changes weapons when player is up close.
Changed exploder sound
Fixed Xna silent install
Added /MapLifeLimitCommand
Implemented limited lives in dungeons.
Added Lives counter.
Deleted Brennen.png
Fixed brunnen moonwalk
Fixed brunnen ai. If blocked stop animation.
Added new turret sounds
Updated Maps
Added more turret sound effects
Changed turret sounds
Worked on items.
Fixed map LifeLimit error.
Fixed Timed Switch graphics.
Image Renames
added FindClosestEnemyWithinRange
Switched curly brace placement.
Adjusted firefly light
Fixed run sound
Updated eel Sounds
Changed player damage Sounds
Changed valee attack Sounds
Removed attack sounds from Crawlers, Crystallines and drakes.
Changed eel light
Trooper now shoots one shoot when player is in range no matter what
Changed trooper agro to 1200
Updated Botanica.Map
Added new CaveDive.Map
Increased Charged Blaster damage.
Pushed Valee spawning underground.

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