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Jahooba has given permission for their work to be used in Iron Fist!

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The DNA image will be used for a menu for your rank points. Rank is earned through kills and will soon include death as a variable. If you have less than the highest deaths you will get a bonus for each death less you have. Meaning your rank increases. As your rank increases you will gain points to apply to your stats for jump height, movement speed, agility, underwater duration, stamina, accuracy and potentially more!

The DNA image will be used to display your total DNA progress s you reach your max rank. Thoughts?

The Blip image is the new design that will be used for new assets!

The Tech style battery image from Jailbreak community is potential for many aspects of the game, better yet, the stamina could bused as a battery indicator. Thoughts?

The Tron style image cold be used for anything by now, perhaps you have thoughts?

What do you think of this? You can check out more of his work by following the link provided below in the note concerning his permission:

"Hey man, that's really cool you make your own games. I'm a huge PC gamer :)

Thanks for asking permission! Yeah, you can use the battery images for your project - is there any way you can link back to my Neurotech thread on MMi? You can use the image below as a link to here:


Hope that's cool with you! "


They all look great. See my comment on the circle image.

Can you give us more information on how rank will work?

Will it be implemented like it is in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (still the greatest shooter of all time), that is, on a server-by-server basis, with each server saving your XP? Actually servers that do this are marked as 'XP SAVE', and not all of them do this. But you get the idea. So how exactly will it work?

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Tempris Author

Rank will be saved via an encrypted checksum that will be undisclosed. Rank is increased with your points in game. By what kinds of kills you collect you gain different points. These are added to your rank at the end of a match. This is applied to a point system that determines your rank. As your rank increases you will have the chance to add amounts of points to your player stats. This will include Agility, Speed, Stamina, Strength, and Special. The Special category refers to each player class. Each class.has a special ability. The more points applied, the stronger overall skill that class gains for that player, and can be used between classes if needed. You may see a player's rank via any name display such as the scoreboard or teammate info. There will be a menu for rank viewing and stats.as.there are also names for each. The rank however is temporary as I am looking into changing and updating the rank icons and titles.

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