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Hi All, Inferos: A Thief's Tale v0.3 has just been released. We're nearly done, so expect hopefully only one or two more alphas in the next two weeks before we start getting ready for publication. If you're interested in reviewing, recording a "Let's Play" or just giving us a shout out on your social media let us know so we can thank you properly. We'd be happy to post your video or review to our website and videos section of our IndieDB, making sure to give you credit for your contribution.

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Inferos:  A Thief's Tale  v0.3


  • Cleaner GUI
  • New sounds and theme music
  • Menus!
  • Ability to pause game (Bug Alert: This still is playing up for some users)
  • Win condition
  • The return of the Ghost Girl! (from our very first concept)
  • Story progression

Updated Tutorial:

  • Move with WASD
  • Hold down the Left Mouse Button (approx 2 seconds) to charge up and shoot a soul
  • Press the Right Mouse Button to see your soul tally
  • Press Left Shift to Sprint
  • You have to talk to both characters in order to gain entrance to the level (some people have been able to get in by only talking to the male, so if you get stuck check the female)
  • The entrance to the level is located to the right of the female in the church, it's a large structure with a door in front.
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