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Demo, screenshots, trailer, updates! A unique horror game coming soon.

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Hey everyone, I have been hard at work on my newest project "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow", which is a completely new, fresh, bigger and more polished almond hill game. I have posted a ton of updates on this new project ever since I announced it and am posting updates daily.

The reason I am posting news about my new Almond-Hill game here on the page for my old Almond-hill game is because I am waiting until I have the game nearly complete before I post it to indiedb, desura etc. So I want to have most of it complete before I get a separate page for it. That is why in the meantime I am posting this news for it here since it is part of my Almond-hill game series.

First teaser trailer:

Not to long ago I released a playable demo for the almond hill game which is a demo of the beginning of the game. There is no download required and you can play this demo directly in your browser. I hope you enjoy the demo and are excited for more of the game. Please note, that this demo still might change during development and is not final. Also, the demo is the very beginning of the game like I said, after this specific part of the game, the gameplay changes completely and you play as a different character. Hope you enjoy.

Demo: (You can play the demo in your browser on kongregate or from the dropbox link provided below)

(Kongregate link)

(Dropbox link)


Follow development:
To stay up to date on the project please visit my dev blog or check out my work in progress thread over at the unity forums.

(Dev blog)

(Almond-Hill : Silent Meow dev thread Unity forums)

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