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The next AirwaySim's airline simulation scenario, titled Dawn of the Millennium, opens on Friday November 15th.

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Hi! We're back at IndieDB after a long pause. Hope you didn't miss us, since we have some updates from AirwaySim's airline simulations. :)

New Airline Simulation scenario - 1975 to 2007 - starts Friday November 15th

The next AirwaySim's airline simulation scenario, titled Dawn of the Millennium, opens on Friday November 15th.

This is a mid-length game world (duration 8 months), and part of our series to bring more variety and more frequent launches of new scenarios at AirwaySim.

Dawn of the Millennium starts in mid-1970s and takes you through the financial turbulence of 1970s and early 1980s, then towards the growth period of 1990s, and finally reaching the difficulties faced by airlines after 9/11. Overall a very interesting period to manage your airline!

2019 11 Dawn PreOpen

Image: The Dawn of the Millennium game will open on Friday November 15th.

The basic settings for this simulation scenario are:

  • Time span: 1975 - 2007, at 30 minutes per game day.

  • Normal difficulty level / Medium length scenario.

  • All aircraft models included.

  • The overall play duration of this game is about 8 months.

To join the new Dawn of the Millennium game, visit the AirwaySim Game Area!

Airline simulation

AirwaySim's Airline Simulation is a realistic multiplayer online simulation for the serious aviation and business enthusiast:

  • In AirwaySim you can create your own airline and build your very own airline empire, you are the airline CEO.
  • You will start off small with older used aircraft and work your way through to the big leagues of large international air carriers. Or you may choose to run a small regional carrier if you like - you are fully in charge.
  • Expand your airline with new routes and aircraft and open new base airports. Manage the ticket prices, staffing levels and route schedules of your airline to optimize your profits. You have dozens and dozens of possibilities and functions available to manage your airline.
  • You can choose to play in the historical scenarios with old propliners or in the modern ages with new jets.
  • Compete against other managers worldwide - all management moves directly affect the other players. You can also team up in airline alliances.
  • AirwaySim includes realistic and complex financial model with powerful reporting tools - a true business simulation.
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