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Early tests for online connection. Lets see where this takes us :D

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Most games nowdays have online features. Why shouldnt repong?
Sometimes you dont have enough players at home to have fun with. AI's tend to be pretty stupid C: (Atleast mine are XD Note to self: Work on AI behavior..)

Here is what ive been working on.
Like always, I tend to keep things pretty simple.
The server is running in the background, so you cant see the ui.

Networking? Maybe C:

Nothing much is happening here. These two circles are communicating with each other through a server. The way repong will handle connections between client and server will be somewhat simillar, since the only things moving are the paddles, and the ball.
I like the name bob, dont judge me.

Thats all for now. Just felt like giving a small heads up to anyone looking foward to this game c:
I'll give a more detailed update after I test some more of this little program.

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