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Post news RSS Net Neutrality and what may lie ahead for the internet

Just sharing some information that I feel is important for people to look into as this has a pretty big effect on the internet.

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So, not waiting or using an introduction, something that happened today is.. serious.
The full story will be linked below, but the basic summary of this is this:
"A federal appeals court today nullified key provisions of the FCC’s net neutrality rules, opening the door to a curated approach to internet delivery that allows broadband providers to block content or applications as they see fit."

This is a rather big deal as it affects internet users of all kinds. I'm sharing this information to spread awareness of this and to get more people to know about this.
Link is right below.

This is a problem not only for me, but for many others as well.
Please read into this and check it out for yourself.
Stay classy folks.

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