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Screenshots and update notes for the latest big update for NeonXSZ.

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The 'Juice' Update - Part 1

The first part of the big 'Juice' update for NeonXSZ has gone live on Desura for all systems!

It brings new life and atmosphere to the game's environments along with improved interface elements and special effects throughout the world. If that wasn't enough, players now receive a detailed new statistics breakdown system to rate every aspect of their play. The update is rounded off with improvements to some of the lesser used weapons.

NeonXSZ - 'Juice' Update ScreenshotsNeonXSZ - 'Juice' Update Screenshots

New Environmental Motion and FX:

  • Animated light strips around all the highways moving in the direction of traffic.
  • Data packets travelling along the silicon roads
  • Data packets burst when reaching broken sections of silicon in Virus areas
  • Data packets can cause buildings to burst steam upon arrival.
  • Improved Docking Bay effects
  • Front end updated. The menu and various windows animate onto and off the
  • The large tubes in some area now have upgrades flowing through them.
  • Upgrades cause steam effects when reaching their destination.
  • Kill Streak awards display now much juicier
  • New particle effect added to reactors.
  • Death screen updated with animations, sound effects and a new detailed
    metrics system rating the players performance.
  • Unique new special effect - Mesh Tracers added throughout the game world.
  • Custom Video options extended to include toggles for all the new major

Mesh Tracers:
Mesh tracers skip across the surface of the game world, jumping from one object to the next like
cyberspace electricity. They do however create a significant enough performance hit, on low end machines, to be worth mentioning separately. If you use one of the video presets, mesh tracers will be enabled or disabled automatically for you.
If you use the custom video panel, mesh tracers will be disabled by default. It's easy enough to enable them though - simply put a tick next to them in the new scroll-able special effects window on the custom video panel. Make sure you click on 'Apply and Close' to ensure that they are activated.

If you are looking to improve performance then disabling the Mesh Tracers should be high on your list.

NeonXSZ - Juice UpdateNeonXSZ - Juice Update


The game now provides the player with details statistics about every area of their play, from individual weapon accuracy and efficiency through to a breakdown of the energy and uranium consumed by their ship systems. This new statistics panel is accessible both from the options menu during play, or automatically displayed upon death. The various statistics are also processed and highlighted such as overall weapon accuracy, overall uranium gained, or overall energy efficiency.
Even data like how much damage your gadgets (like drones, electrocute) have done is also available along with the total energy used by each gadget. Finally all of the displayed metrics along with a few other non displayed metrics are combined into a final 'Overall Rating' for the player.

These metrics give the player a clear view of their performance and highlights the areas of their play that could do with improvement and attention.

NeonXSZ - Juice UpdateNeonXSZ - Juice Update

Bug Fixes:

The game is already stable across all systems so there were no major bugs to resolve in this update.

  • The difficulty panel now updates correctly while selecting various difficulty levels.
  • Highway textures tidied up to work cleanly with the newer colour schemes.

NeonXSZ - 'Juice' Update ScreenshotsNeonXSZ - 'Juice' Update Screenshots

Balance Changes:

  • The algorithm controlling Kill Streaks was tweaked. It's now progressively more difficult to achieve the highest award levels.
  • Flak Cannon reload reduced to 0.8 from 1.0 (Increasing damage per second)
  • Flak Cannon damage increased to 3.5 from 3.1 (Be careful. High level destroyers can insta kill you if you get too close. This is a hard counter to LG/Electrocute players)
  • Flak Cannon energy requirement reduced to 0.3 from 0.56 (The Flak Cannon is now one of the most energy efficient guns in the game)
  • Plasma Gun shot speed reduced to 110 from 130
  • Plasma Gun energy requirement increased to 1.2 from 0.9
  • Laser Cannon damage increased to 23.5 from 18.
  • Laser Cannon energy requirement increased to 6 from 5.5
  • Rail Gun energy requirement reduced to 8 from 11
  • Inferno Gun shot speed increased to 200 from 150 (This makes a huge difference to it's accuracy and usability)

NeonXSZ - Juice UpdateNeonXSZ - 'Juice' Update Screenshots

Your saved games are all compatible with this build but it's worth considering starting a fresh game especially if you haven't started a new game across many recent updates. So much has changed recently that a replay offers a fresh new gameplay experience. You could also consider joining the Virus or Malware factions while being hostile to the Operating System and AntiVirus factions. This creates a very different and more challenging gameplay experience as each faction has different AI and the OS and AV factions are far more challenging to be hostile with. Doing this also changes the look of the entire gameworld.

'Juice' Update Part II - Coming Soon......

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Very nice! I look forward to this for sure.

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