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To coincide with the games release on Desura today, we demonstrate one of the game's more unusual features.

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Customizing The Game

NeonXSZ's world is created in a rather unusual way and one of the more interesting benefits, along with blisteringly fast speed, is that it allows us to create new colour schemes for the entire world within a couple of hours. This includes a very different look for each of the game's four factions, and a totally different look again for each one depending on whether they are friendly or hostile to the player.

Here's an example of how just one room in a single friendly area changes instantly as the player chooses different colour schemes. Each one would look totally different again if the player were hostile with the faction controlling the room.

NeonXSZ - Players choose how the game looks

NeonXSZ - Players choose how the game looks

NeonXSZ - Players choose how the game looks

NeonXSZ - Players choose how the game looks

And a video of it in action:

Further Customization Options

The player is also given an interface to allow them to recolour the various parts of their ships and their ship's cockpit.

To allow players at every skill level to get the most from the game they can tweak the damage enemies do to them and even the skill level of the artificial intelligence they will compete against. Changing these settings automatically alters the player's loot multiplier. Play the game on easy settings and you get less loot but you will kill faster so it all balances out.

Another unusual option for the player is the ability to control how fast the game runs. At 50% speed the game will run like it is in slow-motion, yet the player is able to fine tune this speed to any value between 50% and 100%. This allows less experienced players to slow things down to controllable levels while leaving the veterans to push it to the limit and travel at speeds in excess of 500km/h in realtime.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far :)
We hope you will consider helping to fund it's continued development on Desura

electricpr1360891754 - - 3 comments

Very exciting to finally see Neon's first release :) I'm stoked. Keep it up devs :)

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mik3k - - 199 comments

Does being super smart make your brain hurt? I want to keep posting non-stop my love for this game but that would be like stalking. Thank you for being born!!

I still refuse to believe one person made this game (not counting the music). The only way that is even remotely possible is if you are a siamese quintuplet.

So are you??

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Intravenous Author
Intravenous - - 42 comments

Yep. Yes. Me too. Aye.
Damn, you got me.

Go share your experience of the game with others around the internet and get them interested too. That could really help us spread the word and help fund development. Make a post on your favorite forums.
Also, come and join us on our own forums at Neonxsz.com and you can chat about the game with other players.

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