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This is Nej Studio's problem. This is my problem.

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When I first created Nej Studio, I was doing it as a kid and his friends who just wanted to have a company of their own. Eventually life happened and I moved and the rest of the group just broke up. But I had one thing, Nej Studio. And I kept going with it. Creating small demo games and websites. Now between finishing school and doing code classes online, I really don't have time to build games. But I still will. I keep my name (mostly) a secret. Who knows, maybe I'll be famous, and nobody would know, I was the guy who did this. So yes, I do use the we as me, myself, and I. I'm on Itch.io, GitHub, and some of my games are alright maybe even good, others are terrible. I'm still learning, doing all of this on the side. My occasional bad game are just ideas. Prototypes. Eventually I will succeed.

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