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The demo version of Nebulinc - Galaxy Defender is now available for both Windows and Linux platforms. Go ahead and give it a try. In the meantime I keep working on the game towards a full release later this year. Comments and feedback are welcome!

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The demo version of Nebulinc - Galaxy Defender is now available for both Windows and Linux platforms. Visit the downloads section and give the game a try. Comments and feedback are welcome.

Nebulinc Demo for Windows

Nebulinc Demo for Linux

Besides PC platforms, the game runs on Android based mobile platforms. The Android version of the Nebulinc demo is available in the Google Play store.


Nebulinc is a 2D top-down shoot ‘em up game set in space. What’s special about this game is the one-button joystick control (basically a gamepad with just one analog stick and one button). I wanted to make a game that reminded me of when I first got into gaming as a kid. The first joystick I owned was "The Arcade" stick and I decided on integrating this control scheme into the game. With this in mind, I experimented with all sorts of different game mechanics until I found one that really resonated with me. One that still puts a smile on my face when test playing a level, even though I must have played through the same level more than a hundred times.

As a secondary objective for this game, I wanted it to work well on both PC platforms and mobile platforms. As it turns out, the one-button joystick control translates extremely well to mobile platforms. The button-press event is replaced by a screen-touch event and the device’s accelerometer replaces the directional stick. While playing Nebulinc on a mobile platform you are actively moving your smartphone (or tablet) to fly your ship, which really adds to the gameplay.

What's next?

Over the next months I am actively working towards getting the full version of the game ready. I’ll keep you posted on the game’s progress here. For now, why not give the Nebuclinc demo a try and let me know what you think?

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