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we draw the Alpha stage to a close and usher in the Beta Phase!

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Hello everyone! We have been very active over on instagram.com/mushroomfleet and we want to thank everyone for getting involved there. Many things have been showcased as they were developed into the Game in recent weeks.

There was a long pre-planning phase as we began writing the RPG elements into the gameplay. This was already planned on our Roadmap, however the Story driven nature of choose-your-own-adventure required much concept testing.

The Quest system has been planned out now and is moving into prototype stage this week. The UI has been designed and the first story line threads have been written. It should all be ready for testing by next weekend.

We have moved the Shipyards to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - allowing for more ships to be in the game. In Future the ships will allow you to buy a mining laser or defence turret (dependant on the ship type) in the refit menu. For now the ships will have them fitted already. When to change Ships, there is a trade in value for your old ship.

As more ships receive textures they will be added into the game. As we draw closer to the end of our Alpha stage, we will be doing more QA with the test group.

Factories are also making an appearance at each of the Low Orbit locations. These allow the player to construct items in the Market from mining asteroids. This is done at Ore Exchange, Industry Platforms, Science Labs and Drone Factories. This will play a more important role when building the Lunar Station (player owned), more an that next time!

Thanks for following our development on Terran Ascension!


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