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Post news RSS Nearing Completion of New Gamemode "Count-Down Bomb-Run"

As Iron Fist expands, new development has lead to the decision to create Iron Fist's very first gameplay mutator.

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This is how the new Gamemode concept works for Count-Down Bomb-Run:

The bomb spawns by picking a random owner.
As the bomb is owned, the owner looses points.
The owner must throw the bomb as soon as possible, but may only pass the bomb to another player.
The bomb is owned until its timer runs out, killing itself and the owner.
The bomb has twice the time for countdown than normal Bomb-Run.
Throwing the bomb is only allowed when another player is in view, including teammates or enemies.
If the bomb collides with a surface it will bounce and continue in it's pursuit of its new owner.
If an owner dies while in possession of the bomb, the bomb continues to keep that specific owner and follows them until the owner is found, unless it collides with another player.
The bomb will never be free to roam a map, it always has an owner and a target.

So, what do you think? will this help expand the Bomb-Run gamemode? Leave your responses in the comments below!

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