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New! Now if an enemy sneaks into your base and starts wailing on your mana sphere, it will automatically trigger a wave of pulsating radiation, damaging all enemies around it. We also take a look at some new concept art for potential new worlds to play on.

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Stay out of my backdoor!

Thanks to Rod, we have eliminated a weakness that, until now, was super frustrating to players. There is nothing worse than building up an army and running off to fight an enemy, only to find a player lying in wait to single-handedly ambush your homebase. Don't get me wrong, ambush attacks are just fine, but using a single unit to fly into the vulnerable areas of your base to destroy you is not fine. Rising blood pressure and loud rants have kept victims up late at night. =)

New this week, Manaspheres now have a default protection. As they are getting attacked, radiation pulsates the surrounding area. The damage given is large and is spread evenly across all invading enemies. So a single attack usually results in almost instant death, but with the help of a few comrades, it's only a bee sting.

Read about other changes we've made to the game in our blog here.

New Environment Concepts

Even though we're still hard at work on our current map and planet Nekros, that doesn't mean we aren't considering the future as well. We can't help but imagine and dream up what other environments we can run around and battle on. What would be fun? Interesting to look at? What type of landscape could add to the players experience?

We've had our concept artist Rod sketch up some different options for us. And so far, we've really been loving what he's created. Here's a few of our favorites!


So what do you think? Which one is your favorite?


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