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Hello there again! We've been working hard on Roguents, adding even more art and polishing the AI!

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Chip and Melou are roguents from the Aelion Forest, after Melou receives an artifact that enables him to control fire and ice from his parents, Chip decides to convince him to go on an adventure into the Aelion Dungeon, to see what they can find!Chip will be able to dash through the room and punch the enemies in front of them. If Melou gives him the fire element, he will have extra attack range, if Melou decides to give Chip the ice element, he won’t have the extra attack range but will instead be able to dash way further. At the end of each room the player will be given an artifact, each artifact is different and will buff the roguents in different ways.

Here's a rough show of how the game is looking, we hope you enjoy it!

That's it for this week, we'll catch you in the next one with more updates!

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