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This week we bring you the rest of the narrative for our game and some modeling tests for the trees in the forest and the start of the main character design

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This week we will be showing the conclusion of the narrative as far as the vertical slice for the game would go and with it one of our character's tests and some of the options for the masks he will wear.

Starting it off with the character

Character test1

And the masks


Next, we have some of the modeling done for the trees in our forest. As it will be during the winter there will be no leaves on the trees and snow will be added later on.



tree_1_mod-with color

Next week will be focused on more modeling for the forest zone.

And now the last part of the narrative

Current events

Our story follows the survivor from a Human village who managed to escape into the woods and found the guardian holding on to both weapons as he tried to run to the dwarf settlement in the mountain to the east to warn them of what was coming and to join forces to fight off the demon invasion. Over the years the Humans saw the angel blade as being a gift from God to protect them from demons while the demon blade had been sealed by a great human in the past to protect the future from such a monster.

The near-death guardian explains the traits of each weapon to the young man as follows:

“The angel blade that contains Raphael has the power to heal all wounds by using your lifespan to heal yourself and if you use it to attack something alive it will steal the life force from it and give it back to you. The demon blade is a cursed weapon that contains Lucifer if you use this weapon, you will kill anything it touches in one hit, but it will also try to possess your body to do is will. Use it with care.

There are stories of some small shrines along the road to each settlement that in the past have cleansed the corruption of people that have abused the demon weapons so if you see one pray to it and see if it will answer your call.

Now you need to make a choice I can’t reach the dwarfs and warn them of what’s coming. My wounds are too great and if I let Raphael heal them I will run out of time, and you are also wounded but I think if you used the blade to heal you should still have some time left, you could take my life with the angel blade and give yourself more time or run as fast as you can do the mountain to the east where the dwarfs live and kill any demon in your path to increase your time.

But before you go take my mask it’s a symbol of being a guardian any race that still has guardians will let you in to speak with them. It also hides de effects of the demon’s corruption so that common people don’t fear you as a demon.

I’m not sure of the path you should take after the dwarfs or even if you will reach them but from this point forward your choices will impact who gets to live and die. The demons will spread out to all the settlements in search of the weapons, and you won’t be able to reach them all before the demons. But take this it’s a small map it tells you of the last known guardians and the settlement location. The Elves live in the forest to the northeast while if you go south, you will find a desert as vast as the eye can see where the Dragonoids have made their home. We only know of these three races the locations of the other three weapons are a mystery to us hopefully someone in those settlements will be able to tell you where to find them.

Now I’ve told you all I could we are running out of time and the demons are coming this way. You have my blessing if you want to kill me for my remaining time and it might be an act of mercy, but I can’t force you to do it decide by yourself what your future should be.”

The young man makes his way to the mountain only to find the doors into the settlement have been breached he worries about what he might find inside but he must go and see if the guardian is still alive and has the weapons.

Along the path deep into the mountain, he found a soldier that was still alive, and he said:

“The angels attacked us we could not stop them from breaking the gates… the path splits into two here one leads to the vault where that cursed weapon lies dormant… the other one is where the guardian is making his last stand to try and protect the people… I can see you are a human from that settlement from the West and that you have there a cursed weapon and one of great honor. I’ll take a guess that you also got attacked by them and came here looking for help sadly you won’t find much here but I have a request for you. Either run to the vault and keep that cursed weapon away from them and keep running on the path until you reach the elves in the north forest or have mercy on our people and go help the guardian to protect them and escort them to the southern desert where the Dragonoid's will help fight these monsters”

In Path 1 the player decides that keeping a demon blade away from the demons has more value than saving the dwarfs and goes to the vault.

In path 2 the player decides to save the guardian and the dwarf people by sacrificing the demon weapon.

Path 1

Going into the vault the young man keeps killing the demons as he tries to clear a path and he finally reaches it. The doors are still closed a few dwarfs remain alive and they recognize the mask to be similar to that of their guardian they are quick to understand the situation and they allow him to go into the vault to take the weapon away as they will stall the creatures for as long as they can.

The doors open and the young man and one dwarf go in, the dwarf pushes a few buttons on the wall and a new path out of the vault opens, he presses other buttons and now the center of the room opens, and a pedestal starts to rise there is a weird glow coming from it. The young man falls to his knees the cursed weapon the dwarfs were protecting is a weapon that contains an angel.

The dwarf is confused at the young man’s reaction it seems like he is disappointed for that weapon being there. Confused the dwarf thinks the human tricked them as is, in fact, one of the angel followers and so axe in hand he attacks the young man.

After the fight, he retrieves the weapon and learns that inside it resides Gabriel and he explains the situation to the human: “Over the years the dwarfs seek a way to live and fight in as much glory as they could and for them glory in a fight is the strength to kill an opponent in a single strike and to them, the demon weapon that houses Astaroth was a gift that no other could match and so over the years I was seen by them as a cursed weapon has like other angels I can heal my user based on the wounds he inflicts on to others and for a few seconds I can make my user stronger but unable to kill and for them wounding an opponent with no intent of killing is an act of shame. But for now, this is all the time we have we must hurry the demons are coming and you are too weak to fight them all off the dwarf opened the path for us let's follow it and see where it leads us.”

The young man looks back at the dwarf he just killed and regrets the misunderstanding they could have both lived if only they talked it over instead of him rushing to attack him, but he has to keep moving the dwarf settlement will fall the demons will get one weapon he has to get to the next settlement and warn them that war is coming.

This would lead to path 3. The journey to the elf forest to the north.

Path 2:

The young man rushes to the rescue of the guardian and the dwarfs. Nobody else should be sacrificed because of these weapons and maybe with two angel weapons they can protect everyone and reach the Dragonoid's to keep them safe. Has he followed the path there are few enemies left, most of them seem to be afraid of what lies in front of them. As he reaches the plaza, he can see the guardian fighting but to his shock, the guardian is waving around a demon weapon instead of the angel one. But the people are in danger there is no time to confront him about it now and the power to kill each demon in a single hit is something the young man could understand, if he had the choice to protect his family, he might have done the same.

After securing the plaza he confronts the dwarf worried about who he would be talking to… would it be the dwarf or had the demon taken over during the battle. The dwarf lets the axe fall to the ground and sits down looking at the human:

“You can relax I have used this weapon for longer than your village has existed unlike you humans’ dwarfs can control the possession of this weapon. But from the look on your face, you have also used that Katana, and what you fear it's corruption, and for you to be here means the creatures came for you lot first… Unlucky your people never wanted walls or any other thing that would “cage” them and in the end, they add no protection from these things… It’s a shame no mortal race deserves to die in fear… But the dead are dead, and we have some dwarfs still alive here that need help. The vault has most likely fallen, and they got their hands on that weapon by now so we will have to take the south exit and go to the desert hopefully those lizards will give us a hand before killing us they don’t like strangers on their territory.”

The dwarf guardian stops talking and looks at the human he notices the hand on the weapon and tries to assure him again:

“Kid you are too young to die in a place like this don’t do something stupid that will get you killed. I get it you humans see the healing power of the angel weapons as a gift from God but let me ask you this. What kind of a God would steal something from another living creature to increase its own life? A god like that can’t be good, to kill others so you can live longer that's the work of something truly evil. Everything in this world depends on the perspective you see it from, you humans are lucky to live for 60 years, so your views are small, and you can’t look at the big picture but for us dwarfs living for 400 years all your problems and fears seem so pathetic. History has a way to distort itself as time passes by and you humans are the greatest example of that you forget something that happened in 80-100 years nobody is alive to talk about it, you just assume it’s a legend and that it can’t be real.

Well now you have seen those creatures from legends, and they felt pretty real if you were to ask me. And now you have a choice in front of you and I hope you are smarter than the average human… Are you going to fight me and kill all my people because I used a demon weapon, and you see that as evil, or will you help me protect my people and get out of this cave with us? Think well about it I can kill you in one hit with my axe and you also have the same power in that katana of yours, but would you use that evil power to fight something you consider evil?

Path 4: Attack the dwarf kill him and take the weapon away from the cave before more demons come.

Path 5: Take your hands away from the weapon and apologize to the dwarf and say you will help him protect the survivors.

This would be the end of the story so far.

If you made it all the way to this part thank you for the time and next week we will try to bring you more material that we have worked on.

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