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Here are some simple summaries of the differences of the mods.

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The Undertale Remastered Mod
This is truly the end all be all of the Undertale color mods!

Play Undertale as you’ve never seen it before, with fully colored and shaded sprites! Not only does this mod add borders, the “Dog Shrine”, but also fixes the grammar errors and misplaces pixels as well as adding a few extra little touches to the overworld. But keep in mind that it’s not 100% complete just yet. So there are a few monsters that have not been colored yet...

The Undertale Colored Sprites Mod (only compatible with v1.001)
This was the first mod ever to color the sprites of Undertale, it’s a classic!

This was the mod that started it all and inspired us to create our own! We have no hand in making this it was created by none other than S41tyPr3tz31 and his team. And we thank them for giving us their permission allowed us to post it here. This mod colors the whole game dialogue/battle sprites and all! Basing their colors off of their overworld counterparts. Though I'm sorry to say, because this mod is only compatible with v1.001 of the game we were not able to add the borders or the "Dog Shrine".

The Borders Mod
Do you want to enjoy the borders the mod offers but not the sprites? Then this mod is for you!

Simply put we’ve taken the borders that were once only exclusive to the console port of the game and have now added it to the PC port for your enjoyment. Alone with the “Dog Shire” that can be found in Papyrus and Sans's house under there sink (yes really). The key difference between this and the other mod is that this one does not affect the sprites what so ever.

Thanks for reading! And while you here, why not visit our...
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