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Post news RSS Do People Still Play Side-Scrolling Games?

A brief article on how I explain to people how side-scrolling games are still important today.

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Ever since we started working on Space Safari, one common question friends have been asking me is, "do people still play side-scrolling games?" After biting my lip I typically go into some spiel about our gaming heritage and my childhood.

As a child of the 80's I grew up during the glory days of Nintendo. This was at a time when gaming was exiting the simplicity of Pac-Man and Pong and evolving into new territory like Metroid and Zelda. These games set the standards in mechanics and storytelling that are still in place in gaming today. But most importantly, they were just plain fun! With Space Safari we're not looking to redefine the genre. Instead we're hoping to bring back some of that classic fun of an era gone by.

I hope you will see this game with the same wonder and excitement that I first saw gaming as a kid. Thank you for checking us out. Please help us get the word out so we can keep good ‘o fashioned side-scrolling alive!

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