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Tower Master is a working and particularly fun game to play. But it's not finished yet and we have tons of ideas. So, what's the plan?

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So we built a working and particularly fun multiplayer game. But it's not finished yet. We have a lot of great ideas for Tower Master: we want to implement new features to enhance gameplay, a platform for a lively community, a way to browse towers, and lots more. Built in just two days, Tower Master also needs a lot of tweaking and bug fixing.

Tower Master is part of the 'Protocannon' project. This project means we will set aside everything we're doing and, like a proton cannon, focus all our energy on one prototype. That's right, a Protocannon! We will do this every other month, for two days at a time, and six times in total. Tower Master is the first game that came bursting out of the barrel.

In order to reach our goals we chose to finance the Protocannons using crowdfunding. This, together with the prototype already available for download, allows us to get feedback from you guys during development.

The crew created Tower Master in just 2 days!

This means that during the whole prototype stage of development, everyone can download the game for free! All we ask is that you guys make a donation if you enjoyed the game and that you send us feedback on what to improve. From a prototype to a full-fledged version, everyone can help building Tower Master!

Get to know us a little better and support us by going here !
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