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Community Manager Angel lays out how to get started in the vast world of Brunelleschi.

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Thanks for stopping by! And welcome to Brunelleschi: Age of Architects!

I will start by saying that there are many different goals in this game. You can potentially do anything and be anything you want, which makes this game so unique.

Brunelleschi may feel overwhelming at first because there are many aspects to this game, but there are many helpful people and resources to help you on your journey - and this guide is a great place to start!

First off, you will need to create an account. This is as easy as clicking one of linked account buttons - Google, Twitter, Steam, or Facebook - or filling in a short form using a valid email address and verifying it using the link emailed to you when you submit the form.

Now that you are logged in, it's time to create your first character! Each account can have 1 lord and 2 hero characters without paying platinum for upkeep. (Maximum is 5 lords and 8 heroes).

Hero Characters

In this video, Margaret creates a hero character, a much less complex first character.

Right now, you don't have to worry too much about all the different stats and attributes unless you love reading into the details. If so, you can check out the first, second, and third blog posts explaining the attributes. And if you're interested, here are the knacks.

Here's a video showing what to do next. If you want to know more, here is a blog post on game objectives.

You will need to click move to find a settlement. Click on the "i" to see the info on the settlement beforehand. (Most likely if there is more acreage, the chances of finding a job are higher because it's a more developed settlement). There, you will be working for a lord, helping them build up their settlement while you gain experience and importance.

Next, you will need to find a place to stay. Click Go-To at the top and "Home." It will say you currently have no housing. Click "Find Housing." Make sure that the place you choose does not charge rent as you may not be able to afford it at first. Each place adds different boosts, check to find which appeals most to you. Most likely the Fields will be your best option for the XP boost.

Now, you can look for work. Click Go-To at the top and "Work." Then click Find Work.

You now have a choice to pick which job(s) you want. Keep in mind you will get an AP % penalty if you take more than 1 job at a time, with a maximum of 3 total jobs per hero.

Now you're ready and prepared for the Brune world! You are in a settlement with a place to live, a job, and now you can gather as many resources as you want.

This is just the introduction. If you want to see a more in-depth tutorial, here's the YouTube Channel that has more gameplay and goals for heroes.

Note: Each time you do an action, there is a chance it will trigger a scenario, encounter, or adventure. It will be your choice how to interact with it. If you die and it's not a hardcore character, simply click on your portrait and make sure you have enough food to regenerate HP. (See Death)

Lord Character(s)


If you decide to create and start a lord character, you will have 2 options off the bat: either to create and build your own settlement, or to become a minister to another settlement. Even if you are not already playing with friends, becoming a minister to another settlement might be best to start off gaining importance and learning the ropes of management. Here's a blog post on ministry.

To become a minister:

1) Click move 2) You will see multiple tabs. Click on Open Ministries tab 3) If there are no ministries available, go to the next tab: Ministerial Candidates. 4) Fill out your ministry application title and text. You can check which boxes you want to customize your ministry.

Building your own settlement

Here's a Wiki-How to build your own settlement.

Here's a blog post that tells you what to start building first in the fields if you decide to start your own settlement.

When you go to click open ministries, you will have an option to found your own settlement. Click Found your own settlement and click accept.

After naming your settlement (click View, click your settlement, pen icon next to the word Fields. In my screenshot you can see I named mine Orgrimmar), build a Latifundia (click on view the star in your settlement to see exclusive buildings), go ahead and build a farm as well. Click visit then go to Blueprints and build a farm. (Approximate construction time: 2 minutes). During this time, you can create and move your hero characters into the Granary to help out in your settlement. Your next step will be to gather as much grain as possible to upgrade the Granary to eventually house more people and open more structure spots.

To upgrade the Granary, you will need to research the Granary building. Click on View > (your settlement name) and click visit. You will notice there is an "up arrow" when you mouse over, will say "Insufficient Research." This is the upgrade button. In order to upgrade it, you will need to have someone click "Work" and go to your Fields to find a job there. Make sure your research is going towards your Granary upgrade by clicking the blue potion/beaker to the right of the upgrade arrow. Go through and find Granary to make sure it upgrades the Granary.

Hero character: Click Find Work, click on Fields, click on research for granary.

Now this is just an introduction guide, so I won't go into major details. Check my other blog posts for more guides. :) Please make sure to visit the forums in the game and introduce yourself to the other players! Good luck and have fun!

Questions? Email Aparker@aesopgames.com or message the game on Facebook and I will try to respond ASAP!

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