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Let's have a look at how I play my game, how I play it very well, and how I shouldn't play it all.

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Gameplay Highlight #17 | Hubris & Greed

Normally, I'd be extremly careful with a wave scoring over 70,000 points. But the camp's transformers can provide enormous power boosts and I had access to two distance turrets at ultra level. That should be enough, I thought, leaving the rest of the skill slots available for precious perks. When the fight began, it didn't take long for me to realize that I'd made a huge mistake. The trash mobs didn't die fast enough to gain significant power from the transformer. Eventually I had to flee. As a result, spiders started dying outside of the transformer, exacerbating the situation. Which led to the distance turrets being less effective than I had hoped for, making everything worse. In the end, I lost a lot of health, but learned a valuable lesson.

Gameplay Highlight #18 | Assault Spiders

Assault spiders are faster and more aggressive than other spiders. I have to admit that fighting a whole wave of them is as stressful as it looks.

Gameplay Highlight #19 | Precision Landing

Careful movement is always important in Myriavora since most enemy attacks are ground-based. But sometimes the attack density reaches an unusual level reminiscent of bullet hell games. If you find yourself in such a situation without good protection skills, the precision of your jumps and dashes may become the decisive factor for your survival.

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