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A boss fight, a tricky situation, and the ice missile skill

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Gameplay Highlight #14 | Boss Fight

Myriavora doesn't have designated boss fights, but a pair of very high level spiders come close. The Scout's huge shock attack would've killed me instantly, but is easy to dodge with global stasis. The Thrower is dealt with a trick as it can't attack very close targets. This is not without risk though. You can see me move quite nervously when it tries to get away from me.

Gameplay Highlight #15 | Overwhelmed

I knew full well that this wave would be hard, but I felt prepared considering my skill selection. A few unlucky dashes later it looked like the journey was over. I had lost most of my health, I could barely move due to intoxication, and I was surrounded by extremely aggressive spiders. However, in a rougelike, the most important rule is: it's game over when the game says so, not a second earlier. If you keep calm and hold your ground, you can often turn the tide. This was wave 2 of 11 and in the end I managed to beat all of them.

Gameplay Highlight #16 | Ice Missile

Ice Missile is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of skills: ordinary and amazing, overused and underrated, all at the same time. When active, the skill provides a slight boost to your rate of fire and converts half of your missiles to ice. That's all. However, when fire and ice combine on a target, all of the pending DOT (damage over time) is applied instantly. It makes this skill cut through targets like a hot knife through butter. I like to equip it in pairs when possible, because its cooldown is exactly as long as its active time.

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