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Showcasing the use of transformer, teleporter, and amplifier units.

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Gameplay Highlight #8 | Transformer

The transformer unit harvests energy from the debris of dead spiders and uses it to charge your power. Used properly, this unit can boost your fire power by insane amounts. The video was recorded at Camp Bonitatis, which I nicknamed "the shredder".

Gameplay Highlight #9 | Teleporter

Teleporter units can be useful to travel quickly or escape incoming attacks. They also kill everything in range, which is what I'm demonstrating in this clip. However, the technique isn't without pitfalls. I'm relying a lot on my force fields and, fittingly, the emergency teleport.

Gameplay Highlight #10 | Amplifier

The Amplifier Unit replicates incoming projectiles and shoots them at random spiders in range. This can dramatically boost your fire power, but if that's not enough you better have a plan B.

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It's small (just 154 MB), not time-limited, and provides a couple hours of fun!

Myriavora Demo 7612 Installer

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