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Live in the here and now, but remember death,” we remind you. “Remember death in order to preserve life!”

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"You are sitting on the windowsill of the old building. It is the orphanage. There are blurs on the walls because of the rain, which is penetrating through the all slits in the walls. Creaking floor will issue your location regardless in which part of the house you will find yourself.
My name is Cleo, I'm 7. This place... I can't say that it's my home, but in any case, here is warmer than outside.
- Hey Cleo!
I've heard my old orphanage friend... he started to tell me strange things...
- Listen Cleo, I think, you shouldn't stay here, it's time to go away.
My friend was wet, as if he he was under the rainfall. And although his eyes were directed at me, my feelings told me, that it was something wrong with him.
Cleo: Where should I go? I have nowhere to go, what are you talking about?
Friend: Here is no one to see you, it's time to you to go away from here...
Cleo: l don't understand you! And what about you?..
Friend: I have already been taken...
After these words he got closer to me, he looked into my face and smiled kindly. I had only to blink, all returned to their seats as in dream . I stayed on the windowsill again, it was raining outside and I looked at the long corridor to the only way with a very dim lighting..."

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