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In this article I want to tell you about the peculiarities of the project and what I plan to do.

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At the moment, not much is ready in the project, but the fish AI has already been developed and optimized.
Now the fish can:
- Hungry and looking for the right food
- Can collect oxygen (jumping over water)
- Reproducing
- Look for food in the locations typical of a fish species (for example, bream dwells in pits, crucian carp in reeds)
- to run away if he sees a predator attack
- (for predators) Hunting for fish that can be eaten
- Predators don't hunt uncontrollably. When they are fed, they eat worms or larvae

Something else should be improved and balanced, to create a maximum correct AI that would be the most natural behavior of each species of fish.

As now the system of building (for improvement of an environment of lake) and "scanning" as game function which will allow to learn the information on quantity of fish and average weight and also its arrangement (it is possible to see in video its work while only visual display of a site and the size of fish) is almost ready.

What else is planned:
- Shop (fish fry, materials for kraft fishing gear, equipment)
- Rental opportunities and the overall gaming economy.
- Interface of catching fish by fishing nets (sale, release of fish) and it is possible for this purpose also the boat will be used
- AI fishermen visitors, AI workers which you will hire to help.

While I'm not sure if I can realize fishing mechanics with a fishing rod for the player, it's a rather complicated mechanics and I've come up with an idea how to realize it (I'm doing the project alone. And don't worry about the 3D graphics, I'm also preparing it)

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