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Knock knock! Who's here? Well, why don't you click and find out!

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DevLog Entry #12

This week I didn't quite manage to do as much as I'd have liked in the game. There were a fair bit of pondering about how to introduce the various mechanics to the player. The conclusion was that a good place to start is making some speech bubbles. So I had a first stab at getting speech bubbles working in the game! There was a bit of a struggle getting my head around the Unity GUI stuff, but I'm starting to get to grips with it now.

Check it out:

Oh and let's not forget, Pedro is making his first appearance! Much excite!

I'm afraid that's about all I can share from this week! The focus is shifting on to stuff that's hard to capture in GIFs at the moment. So, again, not sure if there'll be a post next week.

Stay tuned to find out! (:

DevLog Entry #13

Just a short update:

This week I don't really have anything to show, since the focus has been on making some cutscene-type tools and there are no exciting cutscenes made... yet. I've been trying to deal with the age old trouble of seamlessly syncing up the animation of two different objects in the scene. I've been thinking of making a video similar to the one showing the level design tools, just to share the ideas I've been playing with. Let me know if this sounds interesting and I might get a video together!

Soon I'll be able to make a (probably temporary) start to the game with some tutorials and stuff followed by some much overdue testing of the actual game with actual people who aren't me or my girlfriend (gosh... scary)!

I guess that's all I've got to say for now.
Until next time.


a talking banana oAo so in this game you get to do cool parkour while shooting at things and talk to a banana :D

how great is that xD

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Come again? Pedro is the banana no? and is his friend? And he kills him?. I guess that gives meaning to all the words in the games name >_<

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DeadToast_com Author

Ah! He actually doesn't kill him :) It's just the effect for when Pedro disappears :) I just happened to be aiming towards Pedro. Pedro is safe. Don't worry ;D

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