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About me, the story of creation (Why this game?), detailed game information, current level of progress.

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Hi my name is Marc and this is my first post.
I have always loved the original Red and Blue pokemon games for gameboy, the core gameplay is outstanding.
But, in todays day and age the original gameplay is too simple and there is too few actual choices to be made. Further more i have always hated the childish way the pokemon games are presented (although this is probably because of the target group of the pokemon games are children).
My thought is that my target group is adults that played the orginal game and long for the nostalgic rush, but don't want to play the original due to the old graphics and outdated gameplay.
In Case you wondered: YES there will be blood.

At this moment i'm the only one working on this game: Graphics, Coding, Compositioning, Story writing.
sounds and music will be provided by my brother.

Team Rocket wants to clone MEW, the question is then: are you gonna stop them or maybe aid them?
Will all of Kanto know you as the hero who freed them from Team Rocket or The notorious gangster leader that pulls the strings of Team Rocket?

The Game will follow two storylines: a good path or an evil path. The two storylines run side by side which means have you chosen the evil path you might at some point aid Team Rocket in taking over a power plant. If you chose the good path then at some point you'll have to stop Team Rocket in taking over the power plant.
Of coarse you can still follow the original storyline becomming the top pokemon trainer and collect all pokemon

Additional features:
- A full 3D envision of the original Kanto islands of the pokemon games. Re-visit the old places and characters of the original games.
- An emergant storyline that lets you decide the fate of Kanto and the people who lives there.
- The posiblility of your pokemon dieing not just faint, in which case you lose that pokemon.
- An expanded leveling system that not only lets you pick the moves your pokemon can use but lets you specialize your pokemon.
- A good/evil pokemon system.
- A new battle type, Real Battles, where you can kill the enemy pokemon or even catch them.
- A more adult theme. If Team Rocket says they are going to kill you, then they will actually try to kill you.
- All of this from the First Person Perspective.

Current Level of Progress:
At the moment, i have a working version of Pallet town and Route 1 that can be traversed freely.
I have a fully functioning talking system that support dynamic changes and complex behaviour.
When walking in the tall grass you can initiate battle mode, but there is yet to be implemented pokemon so there is no actual battle yet.
A Menu system, but only two of the buttons actually do something (Player info & Exit Menu).

I think thats all, now i will go back to continue game making :P

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