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News regarding the cancellation of MWM Beta 7.

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Hi everyone,

I am very sad to announce that my enthusiastic announcement regarding the next beta of MW mod was published too hastily, I was hoping that I can solve the severe lag problem of the mod by replacing the map but that has proven itself an illusion.

The conclusion that I came to is that the game will lag even with the new map, while the map is one of the symptoms of the lag it is not the cause. The real cause is rooted in the engine and in how it deals with the tasks presented to it, the game simply cannot handle all the new countries that are added into the game with each country have massive amounts of data for the game to handle.

This has brought me to the sad realization that MWM cannot continue on this platform (the HOI3 game) and will have to be reborn on a different game running a better engine, until that time comes you can enjoy the last version that was released and be sure I will stick around the Paradox modding community.

To kill off any speculation, the mod WILL NOT be developed for HOI4 since that game does not have the proper mechanics to provide real 2000's political/economic/proxy simulations.

I am deeply sorry for anyone waiting for news but it has taken a great time for me to try out various options and configurations until I came to this conclusion which I so badly wanted to avoid.

See you around, for anyone who wants to keep up with any of my future MAD projects I suggest following the Iron Workshop youtube channel to which a link is provided below.

The Iron Workshop


How ironic would it be if Imperator ends up having all the mechanics necessary for this mod to function?

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PlayerHOI Author

We shall see, but unless ancient Rome had planes Shoch and Awe is going to have to be something very different :)

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Funny joke and all, but remember, according to Paradox, planes in the 1900s were actually American Civil War infantrymen with a spinning emblem over their heads. For all we know, Rome had thermonuclear power plants and that's why the city burned during Nero's reign.

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