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One month and two mutator weeks down the line, we step back and take a look at Shee Labs Mutator Week.

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Don't know what Shee Labs Mutator Week is all about? Read here! Us lot at Shee Labs Game Development are always cooking a nefarious scheme or two, in fact, we've already run through two mutator weeks, and are about to embark on our third!

The first week theme was 'Light', and saw some fantastic mutators put together. There's nothing like playing a game of 'Invisogib', where one shot kills, but all players are practically invisible and can only be seen by the flashlight they use.

In fact, you can check out all five of the mutators and download them for the PC already.

Week two went swimmingly, with more superb mutating, and a download will be ready some time next week, so keep your eyes wide open. The theme was 'Surprise', and boy are you in for some, from a wacky Crate Match mutator, to some funky health reallocation and randomly chosen weapon pickups.

Try using them in different combinations, and you'll get a different game every time - and this is the aim of the Mutator Week project, to promote experimental gameplay.

There's still plenty of time to hop on board ready for week three too, so if you're a programmer with a few hours spare, why not get in touch? If you're a mapper, how would you feel about a 'Map Month' that works the same way? Let us know!

'Till next time


(Official Shee Labs Mad Mod Boffin)


I would totally be up for a Map Month.
Although you could go a little extreme with a Map Week (It can be done :P).

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Sure a map month sounds great, more based around gameplay though instead of eye candy. Maybe you could involve the map month and mutator month?

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Yea Maps Mods and anything for UT3 is good in my book as an avid player of UT 2004 & UT 3

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Maps are cool, but their is a definite need for explanations on code for mutators, custom game modes and total conversion tutorials just as their were for UT2K4. Granted UT3 and the UE3 are still pretty new, I feel that since some of the backend configurations have changed significantly, newer teams and individuals who embraced the UE2 modding convention are a little frustrated by these new adjustments and in all honesty there is not a lot of information out there yet.

I am greatly appreciative for all you have contributed Ambershee and others as well.

Thank you!


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