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Our composer has been cranking out some tunes for you all to enjoy.

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As you guys probably know, no game is complete without music. And indeed, in a game with no dialogue or text, music becomes a vital part of the atmosphere. Luckily for us, we have a composer on our team who not only is good at what he does, but he also has a very clear idea of what Teslagrad as a world sounds like. The best part is that our composer doesn't work in the same office as we do, so we have no idea of the kinds of things he's cooking up in his studio. We just check our Dropbox regularly and suddenly, one day there are phat beats in there!

Here are two samples that we recently received. We think they sound awesome, and we hope you agree!

Your journey through Tesla Tower will be many things, sometimes exciting, sometimes perilous and sometimes, even surprising. Our composer understands all this very well, and does his best to bring us music that flawlessly emphasises the storytelling, and all the twists and turns that we want to convey to you, the player.

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