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Star Story: The Horizon Escape screenshots, GIFs and in-game skip-the-scene faces.

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We have been silent for some time, but that doesn’t mean we don't have any progress! That’s the collection of things we've been working on for the past 2 weeks.

First, we’ve begun to renew screenshots. This one is 100% fresh: we’ve changed in-game “status icons” and fixed portraits.




Star Story: new icons

Don’t mind the guy on the right. He is there for “I need to get there FAST” moments – we click on him when we need to skip the scene. The "skip" face, by the way, changes with the game build:


Greenlight time is close, and our artist decided to add something new to the crafting lobby. This “new” thing is a music box. It, well, plays music. Just one track for now, but we will surely going to add more.

Star Story: music box

And we have a few new GIFs! Because twitter can’t handle their MB might.

I call this “The Robobattle”. We are not satisfied with the main character combat (especially with defeat) animation, but the robot’s one is quite good.

Robobattle: healRobobattle: win

Thank you for your attention! Stay tuned!

EvilCoGames team

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