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Inferno: Alliance Standalone will be coming out with various music tracks, many of which are totally exclusive. Read more to find out!

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1. Music additions in Inferno: Alliance Standalone
Inferno SCP's little brother should not come out without a very nice set of music tracks. The Team decided to make use of exclusive and re-used music tracks, which will be described below.

As all FreeSpace fans surely know, there are two types of music soundtracks in FreeSpace: the first one is a nice characteristic of the series, and is usually called "soundtrack" or "event music". It consists of a variable number of small music files played depending on the situation. If the situation is calm and no hostiles are on the battlefield, "ambience" tracks will be played. In case of encounter, "battle" tracks will be played. The second one is "classic", meaning that it's composed of a single music file which can be played during briefings, debriefings and even during the game.

A soundtrack/event music doesn't work without an appropriate entry in music.tbl, the file that manages music tracks in every FreeSpace game or mod. Getting the music.tbl to work is a problem for many mods, but fortunately INFASA doesn't have this kind of problems.

2. Upgraded music from FreeSpace 1

The game will be released with a set of upgraded music tracks from FreeSpace 1. Thanks to the FreeSpace Music Restoration Project and the original creators of FreeSpace, the community managed to obtain a large variety of upgraded music tracks. Sadly, there were serious problems in getting them to work properly in-game.

Those problems have been solved by INFASA, which will be released with working versions of FS1's high-quality music files. Also included in the game will be several tracks which were initially excluded from the FreeSpace series for reasons unknown - don't be worried about this, the quality of those tracks is very good (and people like me wonder why they got excluded).

3. Exclusive music

Inferno: Alliance Standalone will be released with exclusive music files, specificately created for the game. At the time of writing, the modpack includes two soundtracks (one of which is complete and fully working) and two "classic" music tracks. The number of exclusive music tracks at our disposal is expected to raise in the foreseeable future, so expect to read updates on the matter. Exclusive audio files may be uploaded to this mod profile, so be sure to take a look whenever you can.

4. Inferno Artists

Work on INFASA's exclusive music tracks would be impossible without our skilled artists, flaisgiorgos (website) and Daddy Warhol (website). Other artists may be delivering additional music tracks for certain use in INFASA, but these artists deserve their highest commendation for their amazing work.

5. Updates

Download - Silent Demo Version
Georgios Savvinidis

The Midnight Sun - Ambient 01
Daddy Warhol

The Calm Before The Storm Demo
Georgios Savvinidis

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