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Multiple Characters Free Pose Mode, Additional Storage, Companion Customization, Improved Lingerie System, New Lingerie Shop, and Torture Devices.

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Many of you were waiting for this feature, and here it is! Companions are now fully customizable! You can make their appearance be whatever you wish, by simply selecting the companion from the inventory and then clicking the Customize or Makeup button from the menu on the left. Your presets will work on them as well.
Tag us on Twitter @SheWillPunish or on Reddit r/shewillpunishthem and show us what your dream team looks like!

she will punish them companion c

  • Added buttons to quickly take off bra, panties, stockings, and heels during posing and character customization.
  • Added two Asian-looking character presets.
  • Added 3 additional pages for the home storage.
  • Refined lighting during character customization.
  • Added feature that allows you to pose multiple characters at the same time in the Free Pose Mode.
  • Added warning when trying to access the customization or the makeup mode but doesn't actually own a customization mirror or a makeup table.
  • Bug Fix: Auto-save on the battlefield will corrupt the save files.
  • Bug Fix: The character customization sliders don't update after you load a preset, or switch between different characters.

she will punish them free pose s

she will punish them asian chara

  • We have improved the lingerie collection and dressing-up system. Now instead of stacking up in your inventory, the lingerie items will directly go to your collections when picking up or purchasing from the store.
    You no longer need to drag them from the inventory to the lingerie slots in order to wear them. You can just click on the icons to wear and take off. The companions will share the same collections, which means you don't need to buy two similar items. Note that the already purchased lingerie from your old saves will be automatically converted to the collection.

she will punish them improved li

  • Added a new lingerie shop to the world map, located on the right side of the Palace. It is still half-finished but you can already visit and see what they have. We have added a few new lingerie to this shop, such as nude and white stockings, shinny golden bra, etc.

she will punish them lingeire

she will punish them tara linger

  • Added interaction for the Torture Table and two new intractable dungeon devices. Check them out!

she will punish then torture dev

  • A few furniture-related bug fixes.

  • Not sure if we have fixed the 100% GPU bug, at least on our computers, the GPU usage is dropped. This needs more testing.

Also, we want to say big thanks to everyone! This game got a crazy amount of new players during the summer sale and we can't wait to meet everyone in our Discord community.
It is the place where players share their creations, ideas and simply have a fun time.

This growth in both players and positive reviews is truly motivational and we are truly looking forward to making this game awesome!

A few major things that we are currently working on:

  • Cloud Saves Support

  • New Maps: We are aiming to bring more content to the world map for the next few updates. Including, the Hell Arena.

  • Improve Combat: Combat improvement, animation, AI, etc is an ongoing task and we will gradually polish it.

  • More items: Armors, weapons, lingerie...

  • More interactions, poses, and furniture.

  • Modding Support: The game is still a bit early to have modding support, but we are sure that we will have it and we already have a solid solution for it.

  • Achievements

  • And of course, fixing bugs.

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