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Multiplayer replication and bot testing getting better.

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Multiplayer replication testing has proved to be pretty challenging, but moving forward. The biggest challenges with network testing included research on what was natively replicated and studying various examples from both multiplayer marketplace content and example resources also found online.

The biggest challenge in this part was probably dealing with player controllers. I've typically put a lot of code into player controllers for single player content, but didn't realize that the player controller was not replicated due to security reasons. So, I had to find alternative ways to communicate with client controllers to make sure the game state could do what it needed with client HUD's listening to the game state to display the correct information.

Also improved in this dev session were the bots. Obstacle avoidance still needs to be looked at and strategized based on multiplayer map design intent/theme. General decision making works now with correct priorities for decisions (i.e. above all, choose to find some nectar...or we are doomed!) and creates some pretty fun gameplay. The next build release will probably include a level filled with bots to play around with.

Beyond that, hoping to get the multiplayer lobby squared away soon to start testing online!

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