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I'm working on a split-screen multiplayer mode for the game

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Hey everyone !

I started working on a multiplayer mode for Song of the Myrne and What Lies Beneath this weekend (basically because I was sick and unable to work on quests or anything that needs a functional brain^^).

Here's a little summary on the things I posted on the french version of the blog.

First of all, keep in mind that the multiplayer will work a little differently than the solo of the game, but it doesn't affect the singleplayer at all. So the controls, hotbar, interface, etc will stay unchanged on the solo.

  • It will be local split-screen multiplayer

The gameplay will be similar to the one of my other game, Myrne 6312. You will be able to play up to four players in split-screen.
You will not be able to control your character with the mouse because that would be totally unbalanced if one player can do that and the others can't.

So there will not be interractions like crafting, inventory, levels up,... The multiplayer will definitely be turned toward action.

  • Class based

Your class will affect which skills you have (probably 2 per class) and your stuff. I think you will still be able to choose your weapon but your stats will depend on your class.

Here's the first classes I'll be working on. I'll probably add more later.

Knight, mage, thief and archer

The hotbar will be shorter and locked (you can't change the items in it, they will depend on your class)

  • Game modes ?

To begin, I'll only add basic Deathmatch. But I'll probably want to add more modes later. Some mini-scenarii in coop would be super awesome too.

Here's the first map I created.

  • Available in SotM and WLB

The multiplayer mode will be available in Song of the Myrne once I'll finish it. But also on What Lies Beneath, for no extra charge of course.

It will also be playable on the demo of Song of the Myrne but with some limitations: less maps, no advanced classes, etc...

  • Any release date ?

As usual, when it's done ;)

It's a lot of work but I'm making good progress and I should come up with a playable version soon. I don't want to give any date but maybe in one month or two. Don't trust me on this !

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